My Story

I grew up in Trempeauleau, Wi on a hobby farm. I graduated High School in 1999. I worked at a nursing home and enjoyed helping people. However, I noticed that there were many people who could benefit from massage to prevent injuries and long term health issues. I decided to enroll in the massage program at Professional Hair and Massage Therapy Design Academy in Eau Claire, Wi. I graduated in 2005. I then worked at a local salon/spa for over 10 years before opening my own practice. Ataraxis Massage has been a dream come true since I started my journey as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I had the amazing and humbling experience going to Thailand in 2014 to learn the traditional Thai Massage. While I was there I was able to learn more about the beautiful Thai culture and take a ride on an elephant bareback at a sanctuary for forgotten or abused elephants. This deepened my love and respect for these beautiful creatures. 

Back Massage


I believe that everyone has the right to be healthy, happy and free of pain. Massage therapy has so many benefits including relaxation, stress relief, can lower elevated blood pressure, reduce swelling due to many health issues by manual lymphatic drainage and so much more. We only get one body, so please be kind and respect your body.