Pregnancy Massage 

Designed to nurture and relax both mommy & baby. This massage will help to calm and keep you centered throughout your pregnancy. 



Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage uses many techniques to manipulate the muscle and tissues in the body.  It also increases circulation, blood and lymphatic drainage. Be prepared to relax your mind. body and spirit with this overall general feel good massage. 


Hot Stones


Relieve tired, achey muscles by adding hot stones to your massage. By warming your muscles, it increases circulation, softens and loosens muscle tissue and did I mention it feels amazing! 


Chinese Cupping 

This is an ancient technique that uses different size cups. The cups are placed on the body and by using negitive pressure (suction) it loosens up fascia, muscle tissue and increases blood flow and lymph.

Moisturizing Hand Paraffin
 Massaging lotion on hands followed by a warm wax covering your entire hands. This treatment will leave your hands feeling ahhhhh. 

**Ataraxis Massage no longer offers couple's massage. We are sorry for this inconvenience. If you purchased a couple's massage within the last year, please contact us immediately. 

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