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Pregnancy Massage

Treatments and Prices

Head Massage

Massage Treatment

Thai Massage

Each massage treatment is customized to fit your needs. Massage can relieve pain caused by an acute injury or something that happened years ago, repetitive movements at work or long term emotional stress.  

60 minutes

Swedish -$80   Deep Tissue -$85

90 minutes

Swedish -$110 Deep Tissue -$115

* *New prices start January 1, 2024

hot stone.jpeg

Hot Stone Massage

Relieve tired, sore achey muscles with hot stones. Relax and let the stones melt away your stress, tension and leave your body feeling fabulous!!

$15 to add to any treatment

Cupping Treatment

 Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which different size cups are placed on areas of the body to release muscle tension, pain, inflammation and increase blood flow. Cupping isn't for everyone. A thorough consultation with the therapist is required before adding cupping. Skin reactions vary from each person. 

$15 to add to any treatment

Beauty Care

Warming Foot mitts

       Soothe and warm feet with heated foot mitts. This luxurious treatment starts out by applying lotion to the feet then deliciously warm mitts surround your feet during the entire massage treatment leaving your whole body relaxed.  

$5 to add to any treatment 

Warm Bamboo

Smooth warm bamboo sticks are rolled and glided over the body to relax tight sore muscles. By warming the bamboo it helps you to relax, breaks up congested muscle tissue, adhesions and increases blood and lymph flow. These are versatile tools and can be used for relaxation or deep tissue. Plus did we mention it feels amazing?

Pregnancy Massage


Designed to nurture and relax both mommy & baby. This massage will help to calm and keep you centered throughout your pregnancy. 
** New **
Schedule 5 or more massages during your pregnancy and
receive your post pregnancy massage complimentary. Must show up and pay for all 5 massages to receive the 6th one free. 
60 minutes- $80
90 minutes- $110

** New prices start January 1, 2024

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